Breast Engorgement Weaning and Relief

There are many different ways to help breast engorgement weaning. The breasts are going to be more full during weaning and can cause a great deal of discomfort because of the amount of milk that they contain. The good thing to know that this is temporary and will resolve on its own. The breast feeding engorgement is a natural process and there is a good chance that not treatment will be necessary. Some of the different things are are recommended for breast engorgement relief are as follows.

Women should wear a bra that gives good support to the engorged breast. This is especially necessary if the woman is trying to exercise or has large breasts to begin with.
Some people find relief by putting heat on your breast. Women can do this with a heating pad or warm water bottle to help with the symptoms.
Some woman can take mild, nonprescription pain pills if necessary. Any woman who is continuing to breast feed should make sure that this is acceptable by their healthcare provider so that it does not affect the baby.

There are other things that people can do in their daily life to stop breast engorgement. One of them is to drink fewer or no beverages with caffeine since this drug can have some effects on the breasts. Some women try to avoid chocolate as well, saying that they get some results by eating a better diet. If the symptoms are persistent the woman should really contact her physician. Sometimes the health care provider will have the woman take hormones or other medicines to help. They will also check that patient out for any other troubles. The woman might have an infection, and need to take an antibiotic that is  prescribed by the healthcare provider.
The clothing that a woman wears can also help with the discomfort. Some women may be able to find a lot of relief by using a well fitting maternity bra. These special bras are widely available at most maternity clothing stores in the area. Here are some suggestions that women have created for finding a bra that is right for breast feeding engorgement:

The straps for the should be wide and should not stretch. Elastic straps may lose their ability to stretch and lose their ability to provide support. Then the bra becomes uncomfortable and can cause tenderness. The cup of the bra should comfortably hold the entire breast. It should fit it in such a way that the nipple is midway between the elbow and shoulder while your arms are resting by your side. The bra should also be adjustable so that it can allow for changes as the breast shrinks and the engorgement resolves. Most of these techniques will proved some sort of breast engorgement relief. Surgery and other procedures are rarely needed. If you have any questions, women should really consult their health care provider if they continue to have pain and tenderness during breast engorgement weaning.

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